More Information About Our Online Database

by admin

Soon we will be putting our online database into play where we will be able to have all the Monticello businesses as well as even private individuals uploaded online. After that we will be linking it up to this current WordPress site.

As you can clearly see – there is not much up here at the moment – in fact the page that you are seeing – as well as the site in general – is just a placeholder while we work on the backend of the site – on a staging server.

Now you will find that once we push the staging server to live that you should be amazed at the whole bunch of work. I was offered a landing page however I thought it would be better to just have a regular blog so you can be kept updated with the goings on in regards to the reserruction of the monticello directory.

So the first thing is – we are working on Map co-ordinates and also reviews. Once this is launched you will be able to navigate through the map and select the businesses that you would like to see. What is great is that you will also be able to leave reviews on businesses.

Unlike leaving reviews on Google and the like the great thing about our online directory is that we will be building a community around our audience as we move forward. We will have lots of cool stuff – so we highly recommend that you stick around – please don’t mind the ugly layout that you see in front of you – it is only temporary.

And finally don’t forget to get in contact if you have any technical or community expertise that you can lend to this project. Thank you so much for sticking around and checking back here and I would also like to thank the expert for helping us setup a studio where we can create content for online delivery.

All the best!

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